Geysital Smart Geyser System

Upgrade your old inefficient Geyser to a Smart Instant Geyser that is affordable, easy to use, and above all – Amazing!

Geysital is a Smart Geyser System that provides users with control over geyser operations via the Geysital app. Our Android or iOS app is developed explicitly for Gas, Electricity, and Hybrid water heaters.

Geysital is designed to monitor the health of your Geyser proactively, saving users up to 90% in energy wastage.

Instant electric geyser - Smart Geyser Controller

Meet Geysital

Smart Geyser Controller

Smart Geyser Controller

Geysital is created to give you complete control of your smart geyser by connecting it to our innovative smart app. Once connected, the smartphone App will enable real-time data collection on various parameters of your smart geyser that can be viewed at any time and any place from your smartphone.

Smart geyser device - Best IoT solutions - Smart Geyser App

Real-time Alerts

Geysital is equipped to provide real-time alerts in case abnormalities are detected such as high temperatures, leaks, or ruptures. Should any abnormality be encountered, an alert will be sent to users on the phone, and the water heater will be switched off immediately to protect from further damage.

Smart Geyser App Android/IOS

Smartphone App (Android/iOS)

Our smart App allows you to adjust the settings and get real-time data. Geysital Smart Geyser System is designed to control all your hot water needs with a user-friendly interface. Ultimately, the app dashboard authorizes it to set temperature, determine faults, provide alert warnings, and monitor electricity.

The Choice is Yours!

If you are looking for the best smart geyser in Pakistan, you have come to the right place. This season experience the luxury of uninterrupted hot water while enjoying a considerable gain in energy savings of up to 90%.

Geysital - Smart Geyser System

Smart Geyser Controller - Geysital Android/IOS App
  • 1 App for Multiple Geysers

  • 24/7 Programable Scheduling for Hot Water

  • 3 Selectable Modes (Gas/Electric/Hybrid)

  • Auto Gas Valve & Overheating shut-of

  • Auto-Electronic Ignition for Gas

  • Auto-switching between Electricity & Gas

  • Built-in Wi-Fi Technology

  • Compatible with Gas, Electric & Hybrid geysers

  • Energy Saving of up to 90%

  • Manual User-Interface in case of Internet unavailability

  • Real-time monitoring & alerts enabled on App

  • User-friendly App interface for iOS & Android

Control your Geyser with just a tap!

Geysital makes living Easy and Affordable.

Geysital promises to make your daily life substantially more accessible and efficient, saving you time, energy, and money! Enable remote access to your geyser with Geysital and manage the heating schedules and water temperatures straight from your smartphones. No matter where you are, you’ll always be able to control when the geyser switches on and off to reheat water by setting it at predetermined times to a specific water temperature.

Smart Geyser Controller - Mobile App Management

Why Geysital is the Smart Choice!


View or set your water temperature to your requirements.


Enable real-time alerts and alarm notifications for various errors e.g., overheating, faulty elements etc.

Auto On/Off

Switch your geyser on and off from the comfort of your smartphone App.


Measure, monitor and display past 30-day Geyser health metrics


Save up to 90% on monthly energy wastage.

Bring out the Best in your Geyser

Geysital Smart Geyser System is a smart solution that gives you control over temperature and other variables of gas, hybrid, and electric water heating systems, saving you up to 90% in energy wastage and reducing your energy bills. Get Geysital Today – the smart friend for your geyser.

Download the Sync & Secure smart app directly to your smartphone from your app store.